May 15, 2021

How To Drive Thousands Of Targeted Visitors To Your Blog For Free

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If you're pinchin' pennies 'til they scream, then you should read this article carefully as I'm about to show you how to drive thousands
of targeted visitors to your blog for free if you're willing to put in the time to work hard and apply what you learn today.

To be honest, I'm too lazy to put in practice everything I'm about to teach you so don't do what I do but do as I say 🙂 Now that you've been warned, let's get YOU to work.

If you want to grow your own traffic without worrying about paid advertising costs, you need to consistently apply this simple two-step strategy:

STEP #1: Create Viral Content

In order for this method to work, you need to create traffic magnet content that will go viral and bring in tons of additional free traffic to
your blog.

How can you create viral content? Simple: look for content that already vent viral and create something better by adding more value.

For example, let's say you found an article that went viral but there are certain sections in the article that came a little bit short and you notice that more value can be added.

Once you do your research and learn as much as you can about the subject in hand, you can easily 'add more meat to the bone' and create a superior article.

Don't just copy and paste other peoples' content; use your own words to make sure you create an original article that reflects your personality and adds character to your piece.

You are the director and your words are the heroes of the story. Make sure that at the end of the day, your story is unique and worth reading.

Go to and type in your seed keywords to find viral content in your niche. You can find the best pieces of content in
your niche by simply doing a keyword search on Google as well.

Once you're done creating and posting your article on a page on your blog, you need to add share buttons at the end of your article to enable people to share your content on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

Have a call to action at the end of your article where you encourage people to share your content with friends & family so that they can bring you more and more traffic.

Add a subscribe form or push notifications on your page where you can ask visitors to subscribe to your list so that you can notify them whenever you create a new piece of content.

You can give them a free, valuable gift in exchange for their email address as well. You can even be more aggressive by using a pop-up subscribe form to get their contact details.

STEP #2: Distribute Your Content To Free Traffic Channels

Traffic Channel #1: Quora Spaces

Quora Spaces are communities based on shared interest where regular people usually go to ask questions and post answers.

You won’t be a regular visitor on these Spaces. You will look for Spaces in your niche that have at least 10,000 members and you will request to be a contributor to that Space so you can post your
content there.

Now there are different ways you can go about posting content on these Spaces. My favorite method is to post a good portion of my article where at the end I add a simple ”Read more..” link that links back to the whole article on my blog.

This way I make sure they visit my blog if they are really interested to learn more about the subject discussed so far.

Or you can post a whole article but throughout your content you link to other pieces of viral content on your blog.

You might as well create a new Quora Space where you regularly post your content and thus manage to organically grow your Space over time.

Traffic Channel #2: Pinterest With A Twist

Pinterest is the not so secret traffic goldmine you've always wanted. Pinterest has over 250,000,000 active users on the platform and it's easy to get loads of traffic completely free.

This platform has traffic in just about any niche and also drives traffic faster than any other platforms by far. Pinterest is the antidote to relying on paid traffic.

So how do we drive traffic from Pinterest? First you go to Tailwind and register and then join Tailwind Tribes. Tailwind is a free software that can get you free traffic literally instantly.

Tailwind Tribes are groups of bloggers or people you connect with to share each other's pins on a common topic. By having other bloggers sharing your content, you can sometimes get thousands of visitors to your blog instantly.

Tribe members will share YOUR content as long as you share theirs - it's a win-win situation!

To find tribes related to your niche, you basically type in your topic in the Tailwind search box.

This way you'll find and join tribes that have members with high-profile websites or blogs that will share your article to their followers all day long.

Once you join a few tribes, you have to create a Pin image. You can look at popular Pins On Pinterest and use them as a model to create an attractive Pin image on Canva for free.

Once you have the image, when creating your pin on Pinterest, you will set a URL (link) for that pin that will link back to your article. When people click on your pin, they will be sent to your blog post.

After creating your Pin on Pinterest, you start adding it to Tailwind Tribes so that all the tribe members can share your pin to their followers on Pinterest.

But for other people to start sharing your content, every tribe requires that you share other bloggers' content as well. This is mandatory and if you don't do it, you will be removed from their tribes.

So make sure you follow the rules and share other peoples' content as well. The more you share, the more traffic you will get in return.

Traffic Channel #3: Forums

I know you heard about forums before and what others usually recommend is doing the usual tedious work of acting like the evangelical altruist you truly aren't by going in there asking questions, providing answers and hoping someone will check out your blog.

I'm not recommending you do that unless the forum administrators require you do that first in order to earn the right to post content on their platform.

Always read the rules before you start sharing your content on forums to see if they allow you to link back to your blog.

If you're allowed to do that, then again you should post some teaser content linking back to your blog post for more.

Traffic Channel #4: YouTube videos

I know many people have lots of success by creating videos and posting them on YouTube but my excuse is I'm an introvert and since English is not my native language, I fear people will dislike me and they'll usually be put off by my foreign accent.

But that should not stop you if you're a native English speaker or if you're confident your English is good enough.

Go ahead and repurpose your content to videos and post them on YouTube. When creating videos, you should always encourage people to visit your blog or certain articles on your blog that would add more value to your audience.

Traffic Channel #5: LinkedIn

LinkedIn is another great source of traffic if it fits your niche. There are 2 ways you can use this platform to get traffic back to your site.

One way is to join LinkedIn Groups in your niche and just share your article links in each group.

The other way is you can post entire articles on LinkedIn and you can link back wherever you like as there are no such restrictions in place.

Traffic Channel #6: Facebook 

You can do a lot of things on Facebook to drive traffic back to your website: you can create your own groups and pages and post your content there or you can join other groups and share your content with them as well if group rules allow you to do that.

Now there are so many other free traffic channels you can explore but if you don't want to get overwhelmed, I suggest you start with these first.

I recommend you consistently create one great piece of content per week and spread it across all these free traffic channels.

Some of these channels will bring you lots of traffic quickly, other channels will take a while for you to build a following but as long as you're consistently moving forward, your audience will grow and will lead you to a path of inevitable success.

The icing on the cake is having all of your blog posts shared by others creates social signals which tell search engines that your content is popular and they should probably rank it on their websites as well.

What this means is your articles become your evergreen traffic asset that will bring in unstoppable traffic whether you like it or not!

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