February 12, 2021

A Whacky Crazy Way To Build Your List Profitably in 2021

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If you ever wonder not only how to build your email list but also how to build your list profitably, then stick around and read this article through the very end…. 

So, how de we build our email list profitably? I’m going to take kind of a different approach here. 

Often times, when people talk about building a list profitably, they talk about traffic generation, they talk about having the right targeting, the perfect landing page… 

And yes, all these elements are absolutely needed if you’re going to have success, but more often than not, even if you have the right traffic, the right landing page and you’re actually building your list… 

You’ll still get hung up when it comes to actually creating profits with your email marketing. In the beginning you might get excited and think that once you build your email list, you will be rich. 

You’re going make $1 per month per subscriber on your list and once you have 10,000 subscribers, you can build a relationship with that list and literally your worries will be gone. 

So you spend so much time, so much effort, you try YouTube Ads, Facebook ads, write a thousand different blog posts trying to build your list… 

And once you build your list, you get such an emotional attachment to that list and you don’t want to do anything that might piss the people off on your list, you don’t want to do anything that might compromise the value of that list in your mind. 

You know that you need to build a relationship with that list in order to go ahead and have people buy, because people buy from people they know, like, and trust, right? 

But you can’t really figure out how to build that relationship but at the same time make sales… 

So you decide to play safe and you don’t do anything to compromise the relationship with that list…

And guess what… you never sold anything to that list in fear of having people get angry and not buy.

This is one of the biggest stucks people have when it comes to email marketing. 

You work so hard on building your list and it becomes such a valued prize possession that once you have to send a sales email to it… 

You feel like you’re going to kill your relationship with your list, you feel like you’re gonna burn your list out, burn your audience out and as a result you never send a sales message.

To overcome this you need to understand why you have worked so hard to build your list in the first place. 

Well, you built your list because at the end of the day you wanted to have a profitable business and make money online, right? 

So if you start with that kind of principle, you can then understand that the only way you will ever going to make a single sale with the list is if you get the courage to sell something to them. 

You have to be ok with with selling to your list, knowing that that’s the only time you’ll actually ever generate profit. 

Now the question becomes how do you sell without burning your list out? 

This is huge and it all comes down to constantly providing value while also constantly selling. 

The best strategy when you’re brand new is called talk radio email where you mail your list every single day and even twice a day constantly providing value while also constantly selling. 

For example, you can write an email, and for the most part of the email you can provide value… 

And then at the end of your email you can promote an offer that is congruent (and this is important) with what you just talked about in the email, and just write something similar to what I’m about to say to you now: 

By the way, if you want more help building your list or if you want a step-by-step game plan to help you build your list in record time, without constantly being overwhelmed and confused… 

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