July 20, 2021

5 Places Your Market Is Hiding In Plain Sight

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If you’d like to know where your market is hiding in plain sight then read this article through the very end.

Once we identify a common group of people that share a common conflict/interest, we need to make sure that we know where to find them online in order to be able to reach them.

Here are 5 places where your market hangs out online: 

1. Facebook 

On Facebook you can find groups of people who have a common interest, a common conflict all of them are facing.

We are looking for concentrated groups of people in the market we are looking to serve who are actively having conversations right here, right now.

Is there evidence that people in this market have questions, problems, challenges and conflict that we can potentially solve as entrepreneurs?

2. Forums 

Go to Google.com and look for forums in your niche by typing your niche keyword plus the word forum in the search box.

By performing this search we are trying to find out if there are a fair amount of active forums in our niche.

3. LinkedIn 

LinkedIn is a great place to look for business to business groups.

Go to LinkedIn.com and search for large groups of people that have thousands of members that represent your potential target market.

If you sell to businesses, there are large groups of people in your target audience that you can reach on LinkedIn.

4. Quora 

Quora.com is a place where people go to get answers to their questions.

So on Quora we are looking to see if there is evidence of communities of people who are actively posting questions on certain topics.

See if you can find relevant Spaces on Quora which are communities that are solely focusing on topics in your niche.

5. Meetup 

Meetup.com is place that is relevant to businesses that focus on specific, geographic areas such as your town, your state, etc.

On Meetup you can find local groups of people that meet often times in person to have discussions around a certain topic.

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