April 23, 2021

4 Steps To Creating Content That Will Position You As A Leader And Bring You More Sales

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If you’d like to know how to create valuable content that will position you as an authority in your niche and bring you more sales, then read this article carefully as I reveal a method that might just do the trick.

In order for you to create content that positions you as a leader and it also allows you to make more sales, you need to understand the reason why we create content.

We create content because we want to capture our prospect’s attention and dominate our market place. Once we gain peoples’ attention, we are able to better position ourselves and at the same time make more sales.

You need to create content that builds trust and authority, builds a relationship with your audience that will allow them to overcome being skeptical and warm up to who you are, like what are you about at a core level, and ultimately go ahead and make a purchase.

STEP #1: We need to determine for whom we are actually creating the content for 

You need to create a special type of content that gives results in advance to your audience. Once people go through your content, they should get enough value to be able to execute and get a result from what you taught them before they even purchase anything from you.

When we are constantly giving our audience content that allows them to get results in advance of us asking for the sale, we are simultaneously creating desire and trust that we are the person they should buy from.

That’s why starting with the who is so important for understanding what are the problems the people face so that we can create content that answers and solves those problems.

STEP #2: We need to create content that answers pre-emptive buying decision questions 

To continue where we left off, we want our content to give value that will allow our audience to get results in advance while simultaneously answer a pre-emptive buying decision question which is simply a question people ask before they make a buying decision.

In any marketplace there will always be core questions people want answered before they make a purchasing decision. Your content should bring up, address and answer that pre-emptive buying decision question before your audience even asks it.

For example, you should assure your prospects that whatever you’re selling can be put into practice even if they don’t have any previous experience.

You should even take one step further and mention a case study where a complete newbie was able to take action and get results following your system.

We want to get clear on what those core problems are, objections that people have so that we can create content that helps them get results in advance while answering the pre-emptive buying decision questions at the same time.

STEP #3: Have a call to action in every single piece of your content 

We need to direct our audience to take a specific action and then measure how people respond and how we need to optimize that process. We need to constantly tell people what to do and how to do it and evaluate their response as well.

If it’s a free gift you’re giving out, tell them to go ahead and download it so you can bring them into your sales process. If you have a YouTube channel and you want to build your subscriber base, tell them to hit the subscribe button.

The difference between making content that makes you lots of sales and zero sales, often times just comes down to you telling your audience to actually make the buying decision and purchase something, or at least direct them to enter a sales funnel by downloading a lead magnet that will once again convince them to make a buying decision in the near future.

STEP #4: Become a master of content distribution 

You can multiply the amount of traffic you can get to seeing your content by turning it into a blog post, YouTube video, Instagram story, Facebook post, audio podcast, forum post, Quora anwer, email message, etc.

Your goal is to promote high-quality content that helps people get results in advance, that answers pre-emptive buying decisions, that has a call to action that adds even more value (if possible); for example, ask them to subscribe by giving them more value in the form of a free gift that will educate them further and allow the to make a purchasing decision at some point.

If your content is of that quality, you can promote it every day and your audience won’t get burned out; on the contrary, they will love you and thank you for adding so much value into their lives.

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