February 22, 2021

4 Keys To Making Sure You Only Buy The Best Info Products From Day One

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What I'm going to share with you today are the 4 keys to choosing the right product that's going to have the right information to help you achieve your goals as quickly as possible.

Make sure and stick around because the third and fourth key are the most high impact keys for you to focus on within the actual product.

What you need to understand first is that this is not just about products...

This is also about leaders, mentors, this is about selecting to work with the right people in the marketplace because oftentimes what either breaks or makes someone's success are the mentors that person chooses to follow.

Sometimes even if the product is good, not having the right mentor, the right support system, the right community, not having the right structure in place for the actual program, oftentimes the information inside the product ends up not being used and as a result it ends up not being really profitable.

The first key you want to look for when it comes to just making sure that the information product you are looking at is the right product for you is the person who's actually selling the product.

You want to make sure the individual behind the product is real, this is not a scam, this is a real product, real business, real offer with real strategies that work in the real world.

So that's the first thing we want to go ahead and double check and also we want to double check the person's track record for success, and just as important, we want to go ahead and double check the person's students track record for success.

That leads us to key number two which is to look for real testimonials from real individuals, real students who have gone ahead and used the person's information we are interested in buying.

So first let's look for the right person to buy the product from then secondly, let's make sure that not only does that person's strategy and tactics work only for themselves.

We might have someone who's working 20 hours a day to make $10,000 a month and they just say, ”We make ten grand a month”, and it might be true, but none of their students will make ten grand a month because their students are not willing to work 20 hours a day and therefore they won't have any case studies, any success stories and you probably shouldn't go ahead and get started with that person.

Also you want to make sure the person you are looking to buy a product or get mentoring from, has built their business in a way that you actually want to build your business.

For example, if a particular business' success lies in getting on the phone and closing sales but you are an introvert and you're not too fond of spending your day talking to strangers, then you don't want to build that kind of business. 

You must follow someone who built his business in a way that is in alignment with the way you want to build your business, so when you take action and start building your business, you will be building a business that you actually love running. 

The last two keys come down to the support systems that you're going to have with the product and the community that is built around that product. 

One of the most valuable things in your journey to success is getting plugged into the right community, getting plugged into the right support system.

So you want to ask yourself, does the product I'm going to start with has other students that are having success, and can you work with those other students?

Is there a Facebook group, a Google Mastermind, is there an in-person event or mastermind?

Is there some sort of support system, a dedicated slot channel just for those people who bought this product?

Is there some kind of support system that you can plug into after you purchase the product?

Because no matter how good the product is, no matter how good the person behind the product is, there are always going to be snags, some thing that come up, some issues that you might face, things that you will have to overcome.

So make sure there is a right support system in place and once you get started you will be able to get all the support that you need.

And the last key which is of the highest impact out of all four is this: you want to ideally get started with something where you can get some one on one help.

The most successful students always have one on one help. The programs that create the most successful students, always have one on one help.

For some reason or another, there is no way to replace that being able to reach out to someone when you need help. Maybe there is one obstacle, one hurdle that if you overcame, it would allow you to execute on everything else.

And with one on one help you could absolutely overcome, without maybe you could not...

If you find a good product with the right person:

- with the right record of success themselves;

- with the right client case studies and client track record of success, so they have students that are out there crushing it;

- who build a business in a way that you want to build a business;

- who have a strong community and support system around the product that you're looking to go ahead and purchase and get started with;

- and on top of that you also have the option to get one on one help, a mentorship program with one on one help...

Once again all of these things will help you have the absolute maximum chance of getting started with the best program and allow you to get as profitable online as quickly as humanly possible.



I promise you won’t regret how much I’m going to make you smile while I DE-educate you.

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