August 16, 2021

3 Questions You Want To Know The Answer To In Your Market

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A wise man once said that curiosity keeps one young in thought and in action; so if you want to hit the bull's eye with your marketing efforts than you should read this article through the very end as I’m about to reveal to you the 3 questions you need to know the answer to in your market.

You should always look for the hyper-responsive segment of your market because these are the people who will spend money to solve the problems they are looking to fix.

For you to identify the hyper-responsive segment of your market, and know if a problem within that market is the one people will spend money to solve, you need to get the answers to the following 3 specific questions:

1. What is the single biggest challenge that this person is struggling with and trying to solve in their market?

When looking for the answer to this question, pay close attention to the people who are leaving the longest, most detailed, most passionate answers.

When people pour their heart out, when they express their biggest pain and embarrassment, that is what you are looking for as evidence in your market.

Knowing that people have a big, scary problem they are trying to solve is just the first step in the process.

2. What are the challenges that people have spent a disproportionate amount of time trying to solve?

When someone has spent a lot of time trying to solve a problem, they are more likely to pay for a solution. If people can solve a problem in just a few minutes with very little effort, then why would they spend any money at all to solve that problem?

We are looking for evidence that the challenge someone has run into is something they spend a lot of time trying to solve.

3. What are the challenges that people have spent a disproportionate amount of money trying to solve?

If someone has spent money trying to solve a problem, they are more likely to spend more money than someone who has never spent any money in their life to try to solve that particular problem.

We are looking for evidence that shows us people have spent money to solve their problem in this area of their life.

There are 2 ways to get the answer to these questions:

1. If you have a big list of customers or leads, you can go to them and simply ask them these questions.

2. When you’re starting from scratch and you don’t have an audience yet, go to online communities in places like forums, Facebook groups, Quora spaces, LinkedIn groups, Meetup groups, etc.

You go inside those communities and you identify what problems, struggles, challenges, pains, embarrassing situations that people are naturally expressing without you even having to ask.

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